Hoo is the second boss of Super Princess Peach, residing in Hoo's Wood. It attacks by throwing eggs at Princess Peach, which hatch into baby owls. It then swoops down at Peach, who can then jump on its head. Jumping on it three times causes it to start using the Joy Vibe, which leads to it throwing a bunch of eggs at the platform Peach is standing on and breaking it, sending her falling to the ground with Hoo flying after her. Hoo must be hit on the head twice, though the only way for Peach to go above it is while using her own Joy Vibe, which lets her hover above it. However, Hoo shields itself while Peach is using the vibe, requiring her to to deactivate it while above it. After being defeated, Hoo summons a whirlwind and disappears.

Other names

  • Mori (meaning Forest in Japanese)
  • Bubo (meaning a genus of owls in German)
  • Gufoss (meaning Portmmanteau of "gufo" (owl) and "boss")


In Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, his presence and characteristics are comparable to Randonkel.

  • Hoo has quite a few similarities to Skowl from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. They are both the second boss of their respective games, both are owls, both release eggs that spawn smaller owl-like enemies, both are fought atop a tree, and both fly for the majority of the battle.
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