The Honeywisp is a enemy in the Pikmin series, he was in Pikmin and Pikmin 2 for Nintendo GameCube. He can't kill Pikmin, he is holding a egg in Pikmin 2, throw a Pikmin at it and it will drop the egg. Nectar will come out. In Pikmin it is just holding yellow nectar, not an egg. This is because Mitites, Bitter Drop, Spicy Drop, and Eggs in general aren't in Pikmin. This monster is in many locations, he is above ground and underground. This enemie is one of the helping enemies.


Reel notes

"This creature collects nectar for the larvae waiting in its nest."

Olimar's notes

"This floating life-form drifts effortlessly on the winds. Upon death, its physical structure instantly collapses, and as the creature is particularly elusive and difficult to catch, no sample specimens have been acquired as of yet. If we could simply recover a live sample, research on this species would likely proceed more smoothly..."

Louie's notes

"Although the eggs are small, the yolk has a distinctly bold and tangy flavor. Try tossing a few in a pan along with your choice of meat and fresh vegetables and cook up a country scramble!"

Ship Log

"This timid creature flies around collecting nectar from flowers. It typically hides itself, but shaking flowers can reveal its presence. The nectar it collects appears to be the Pikmin's favorite food. They instantly bloom when they eat it."

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