The Queen Bee rules over the Honeyhive Galaxy.

The Honeyhive Galaxy is one of the galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. It can be found in the Terrace section of the Observation. It's run by the Queen Bee, and has often been invaded by Bugaboom and his army of Mandibugs. It takes place on a large planet and a few smaller ones, and Mario's goal here is to not only collect the scattered Stars here, but to also save the Queen Bee's home. It's also the first galaxy where you'll find the Bee suit, understandably.




  • Bee Mario Takes Flight!
  • Trouble on the Tower
  • Big Bad Bugaboom
  • Honeyhive Cosmic Mario Race (Cosmic Comet in orbit)
  • The Honeyhive's Purple Coins (Purple Comet in orbit)
  • Luigi in the Honeyhive Galaxy


  • Gold Leaf Galaxy's starter planet is mostly just Honeyhive Galaxy's starter planet, but reversed, and with a few changes.
  • This is the first galaxy with a Bee Mushroom.
  • This is the first galaxy that has a Cosmic Comet.
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