The Holo Defense API is a machine created by the Haltmann Works Company as a defense mechanism against any intruders. It can create tangible holograms of various creatures to attack its enemies but the machine is unable to fight itself and destroying the holograms will cause damage to its cores.

Kirby series

Kirby: Planet Robobot

The Holo Defense API is fought as the boss of Resolution Road, it will first create a Kracko hologram that will act like the Kracko from Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Once Kracko is defeated, it will create two Sphere Doomers holograms that acts like their Kirby's Return to Dream Land counterparts. It will then create a Ice Dragon hologram similar to the one in Kirby's Dream Land 2 but with new attacks. Its last one will be a Coily Rattler hologram, which will act like his Kirby: Triple Deluxe counterpart.


Holo Defense API

The holographic security system that defends this area from intruders. It analyzes past battle data and produces one holographic security guard after another.


This hologram was created by analyzing data of the cloud monster who is believed to have inhabited the sky of this planet since ancient times. It excels at electrical attacks charged by the atmosphere.


A hologram of monsters nested in another dimension. The original Doomers were red and blue. They love to eat energy spheres, which contain an ancient technology.

Holo-Ice Dragon

A hologram of a spectral dragon -- an ancient life-form that has lived through a number of ages. Most dragons breathe fire, but this blue dragon attacks with ice that it produces internally.

Holo-Coily Rattler

The hologram of the icon enshrined by the People of the Sky. Its weak spot is the data on its head. It was only a snake puppet filled with powerful energy, but it used to be worshipped as a deity.

Holo Defense API 2.0

Redesigned by the Mother Computer, this defense system is based on a blueprint found on another planet. It's missing a segment of data and is unable to demonstrate its full potential.

Holo-Kracko 2.0

They further analyzed the data of the cloud monster and discovered even more vicious attacks. The system redesign has implemented these attacks and made Holo-Kracko even more powerful.

Holo-Doomers 2.0

These monsters were created by Susie entering data she acquired from her travels. Where and when did she encounter the original monsters from another dimension? Who knows?

Holo-Ice Dragon 2.0

This hologram was created from an ancient dragon. Dragons are no longer seen, but one of them may still be living quietly in a cave on an island somewhere. Who knows?

Holo-Coily Rattler 2.0

It is said that the People of the Sky who enshrined this monster still exist. It seems that the mechanization invasion has not reached them, due to their remote location.

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