Hole of Heroes is a cave in Pikmin 2 found in the Wistful Wild.


Sublevel 1

This level will have Crysanthemums, Burrow-nits, Sheargrubs, Bulborbs and Mitites. It's a very bad garden, yuck! This is similar to Little Shop of Horrors The only treasure is the Corpulent Nut.

Sublevel 2

This level has Antenna Beetles, Bumbling and Swooping Snitchbugs, Mitites, Careening Drigibugs and Anode Beetles. While in a square, bomb rocks will drop, so the pilots must avoid the square with a bomb rock. The only treasure is the Essence of True Love.

Sublevel 3

This is a Blowhog battleground. The enemies are Puffy and Withering Blowhogs, Fiery and Watery Blowhogs and Volatile Dweevils. The only treasure is the Love Sphere.

Sublevel 4

The Pileated Snagret has the Lustrous Element, while the Burrowing Snagret doesn't. The pilots must avoid or defeat the Burrowing Snagret and defeat the Pileated Snagret. The only treasure is the Lustrous Element. This is the fist Sublevel to have a Quicksand.

Sublevel 5

Mamutas and Unmarked Spectralids are in this level. There are also Mitites and Beetles.

Sublevel 6

This level has Wollywogs, Wogpoles, Dumples, Crawmads and Mitites. The only treasure is the Nutrient Silo. This is the first Sublevel to have a Swamp.

Sublevel 7

This level has Cannon Beetles and a Bloyster. There are also falling boulders in this level. This is same as the fight in the Shower Room, but the monster has the Joyless Jewel. The only treasure is the Joyless Jewel.

Sublevel 8

There are Doodlebugs and Bulbmins in this level, also there are Mitites. After the mother died, a pilot must call the Bulbmins.

Sublevel 9

Grub-dogs rule this level and there have a Spotty Bulbear, Spotty Bulborbs and a Fiery Bulblax. The only treasure is the Dimensional Slicer.

Sublevel 10

There are two Emperor Bulblaxes! And Mitites too! The treasure gauge can help find the right Bulblax. The only treasure is the Treasured Gyro Block.

Sublevel 11

This is the return of the Empress Bulblax with its Larvae! This is same as the Frontier Cavern fight, but a little harder. There are boulders and a gate. The only treasure is the Favorite Gyro Block.

Sublevel 12

The beetles rule this level! The glint has the treasure. The only treasure is the Lost Gyro Block.

Sublevel 13

It's the return of the Man-at-legs! The only treasure is the Memorable Gyro Block.

Sublevel 14

There are Dweevils in this level! There is a Beady Long Legs! This is same as the Citadel of Spiders fight, but it has water. The only treasure is the Fond Gyro Block.

Final Floor

Is the Beady Long Legs here! No! There are Jellyfloats in this arena. The boss is the Raging Long Legs and there are Mitites after a pilot beats the cave one time. The only treasure is the Remembered Old Buddy.

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