Hole Punch is a boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Manifesting as a golden hole puncher who has King Olly's logo on the back, it works as a member of the Legion of Stationery. Hole Punch guards the yellow streamer and runs a Disco Floor in Temple of Shrooms. They're the reason why several Toads have lost their faces.



Hole Punch has a defense mechanic where it punches holes in the floor with its Hole Puncher teeth, breaking certain spaces to hinder your progress toward it (often targeting the spaces that occupy the ring closest to it) and scrambling the spaces. These spaces can be identified by their face having a hole. If he steps on one of these traps, Paper Mario falls in, losing a turn. Paper Mario can walk over a broken ON space on his way to the boss.

Hole Punch's main attack involves closing one of its Hole Punchers on Paper Mario's face, dealing damage and inflicting defense down (half defense) (This stacks). Healing items, however, are more effective for Paper Mario. Paper Mario can get the cut-out pieces to restore himself.

After you cut enough of its health down, Hole Punch will prepare a new dancing attack. It flips over and then flips, though players can use an Earth Vellumental to dodge it.

Hole Punch can be defeated in two ways: draining its health normally or exposing their weak point and striking it.

Upon defeat, Hole Punch decides to leave the mortal world with a bang and counts down to its defeat explosion. Hole Punch's dying explosion restores the Toads back to their normal selves.