Hogan's Alley (JP) is a Nintendo Entertainment System game that used the NES Zapper. A VS. System version was also developed. In the game, the player shoots fake cardboard people on the screen, if the criminal is shot, the player continues, and if the police or citizens are shot, the player is penalized. Should a criminal not be shot, the player will also be penalized. Should there be too many penalties, the game is over. The game has made many cameos in the WarioWare series.




The name of the game was likely taken from an old comic in the 19th Century called The Yellow Kid, a.k.a Hogan's Alley. It was then used by the FBI to describe their training program in Quantico, Virginia, where one test trainees must undergo is walking through a simulated town where paper targets randomly appear. This training course was called a "Hogan's Alley" after the old comic.

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