Hocotatians Pikmin 2

Various Hocotatians as seen in Pikmin 2.

Hocotatians are the dominant species of Hocotate, they are a sentient species that seems to have a social structure similar to the human species. The most important Hocotatians of the Pikmin series are Captain Olimar, Louie and the President of Hocotate Freight.


The Hocotatian are a humanoid species that bear many similarities with the human species but the way their organisms works is for the most part different than how the human organism do. The main difference is their size, an Hocotatian is about the size of a nickel (~2cm), Hocotatians are also known to have very few hairs on their heads. Their pupils are also heavily dilated in a "neutral" state meaning that their eyes appear as close most of the time, however when surprised or shocked, the pupil will shrink and exposes their irises, in this state their eyes are really similar to human's eyes. Hocotatians also have larger head-to-body ratios and larger noses than human. The respiratory system of an Hocotatian is also very different since they can't stand oxygen and are forced to wear space suits when exploring planets with oxygen heavy atmosphere. They seems to be Omnivorous since Louie try to eat most of the creatures (animals, vegetals and even minerals), they are also know among the Koppaites for their diet composed mostly of vegetables.


Hocotatians seems to have a style of life similar to humans, accrording to Captain Olimar's notes that are taken from the perspective of a middle aged Hocotatian Family man, the Hocotatians are conserned by the same things that human were before their extinction. The Hocotatians are also said to be natural explorers and treasure hunters. They speaks the same language as the Koppaite, this language can be heard in through the Pikmin series, both also have the same money, the Pokos. Interstellar travels seems to be common for Hocotatians since Olimar is seen on an interstellar vacation as soon as Pikmin 1, the multiple expedition to PNF-404 during Pikmin 2 also point to the fact that planning travels to distant planets is not a problem for Hocotatians.

for more information on Captain Olimar's Notes, check the various page listed here and here, each of those pages contains a section were Olimar display his thoughts on the items found during his expeditions.


The Hocotatians are far more advanced than Humans since they have access to technology that allows them to go faster than light and they also have companies specialized in iterstellar trades, the one mainly shown during the games is Hocotate Freight, Olimar's employer. The descriptions of some piece of the S.S. Dolphin says that the Hocotatians have a mastery of particles that are out of our reach, like the gluons which only shows the technological gap between Humans and Hocotatians.

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