Hisashi Nogami is a Deputy General Manager and Producer at Nintendo, and the current producer of the Animal Crossing and Splatoon series.


Nogami joined the company in 1994 during the Nintendo Dentsu Game Seminar. His first project was Yoshi's Island, where he worked on character and background design, including some of the enemies. He also worked on Yoshi's Story; his experience on the Yoshi series would later make him supervise the series.

He directed the first Animal Crossing along with Katsuya Eguchi, and, later on, he was the main director of Wild World and City Folk. He was also involved on the Mii Channel and the creation of the Mii system on the Wii, as well as the WaraWara Plaza on Wii U.

In 2013, he succeeded Eguchi as the manager of Nintendo EAD 2. In that position, he headed the development team of Splatoon, the first third-person shooter created by Nintendo.

Currently, he serves as a Deputy General Manager for EPD and the main producer of the Animal Crossing and Splatoon series.

Nogame Switch Reveal

Hisashi Nogami presenting Splatoon 2 at the January 2017 Nintendo Switch Presentation.

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