Hisame is a playable character from Fire Emblem Fates on the ​Birthright and Revelation ​paths.


Hisame is the son of Hinata. Like the other children of Fates, Hisame was placed in the Deeprealms to protect him from the war.

In his Paralogue, Hinata visits Hisame in his Deeprealm but is shocked to see that he does not greet him as usual. Hinata just shakes his head and says that Hisame is going through the "rebellious phase". Hisame, feeling that he can live just fine on his own, runs off. However, he accidentally runs through the portal out of his Deeprealm and winds up into the normal world. Suddenly, he is ambushed by Faceless and is surprised that his father has to deal with such creatures on a regular basis. Hinata follows Hisame and makes a timely rescue. Happy to see that his father rushed into the battlefield to save him, Hisame vows to fight by his side this time. Although he is adamant in following his own path, Hinata persuades him to join the army, which he accepts so that they could spend more time together. After the battle, he goes back to his Deeprealm to say farewell to his friends before returning to the army.

He becomes a retainer to Kiragi in the Heirs of Fate DLC, mirroring his father's relationship with Kiragi's father.

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