Hinata is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation ​paths.


Cheerful and easy-going, Hinata is a passionate youth who takes pride in his skill with the blade. This can be observed through his supports with the Avatar, where he takes offence at their suggestion that he has a reputation for relaxing more than he does training, thereafter seeking to prove the rumour wrong. Through this same set of supports, Hinata is also proven to be a person who prefers proving his worth through action and not words. This fact can be gleaned from him challenging the Avatar to a sparring match to prove his mettle in combat.

Hinata has also been revealed to enjoy lending a helping hand or a listening ear to those in need. Across a good number of his supports, he is known to take the initiative to ask after a person's well-being after he perceives them to be in a troubled frame of mind. One such example can be observed through his supports with Felicia, where he immediately expresses concern for her when she heaves a sigh of frustration.

Hinata is also known to harbour a weakness against women, particularly those whom he considers beautiful. This weakness of his has caused him to be the willing victim of women who seduce him into giving up both his wealth and material possessions. This fact is revealed through his supports with Mozu, where he reveals that the lady proprietor of a provisions store has duped him into making purchases of more supplies than the army actually requires. Thankfully, Hinata's weakness to beautiful women does not extend to his skill in battle, where he has no qualms about taking up his sword against female opponents.

His birthday is May 10.

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