A Hidden Ability is a special ability of a Pokémon that cannot normally obtain in the wild. Most Pokémon have a hidden ability. They were introduced in Generation 5. Hidden Abilities usually make the Pokémon stronger.

How to obtain

In Generation 5, the Hidden Abilities were only obtained from Pokémon obtained via Dream World. Participating in these web based games could earn the player special Pokémon that they could bring over to their games. Some Pokémon never were released in this format although they were shown to have Hidden Abilities via hacking. In addition, due to the Nintendo shutting down Wi-Fi functionality, the Dream World service was shut down so, Pokémon cannot be obtained this way.

In Generation 6, there are two methods for finding them. The first, is randomly during Horde Encounters. Randomly, there may be one or more with a hidden ability. However, this is limited to only Pokémon found in hordes. Any other Pokémon relies on a different method. This method is using the Friend Safari. The Friend Safaris contain up to 3 random Pokémon of a certain type. Pokémon occasionally will have this hidden ability but this is still rare.

In Sun & Moon, Pokémon encountered in SOS Battles have a chance of having a hidden ability after 10 KOs.

In addition to these ways, Pokémon can breed down the ability. Event Pokémon may also have the Pokémon's hidden ability. Certain Pokémon cannot access their hidden abilities at all due to the way they are distributed. For instance, excluding Pokémon Bank, the Island Scan Pokémon in Sun and Moon cannot have their hidden abilities since they cannot call for help. The completely excluded ones are mostly Legendaries, to be given out in online events.

Pokémon and their hidden abilities