Hey! Pikmin (JP) is a puzzle platformer in the Pikmin series for the Nintendo 3DS. It features Olimar crashing on a new Unknown Planet to find things to convert into Sparklium to fuel his ship.


Olimar is returning home on the S. S. Dolphin 2. After he leaves warp, he realizes he's not home. The engine shuts off and sends him plummeting to the nearby planet's surface.

He needs to collect enough Sparklium to power his ship to return home. Luckily, the planet is full of things that can be converted and his friends, the Pikmin are also on the planet.


The player controls Olimar in a 2D plane. Olimar can only hover for a short while, but he can climb ladders and go down ledges. Instead, his main method for solving puzzles is controlling Pikmin by whistling and then throwing them to grab treasures and battle enemies.

There are boss fights with enemies spanning both screens. The five types of Pikmin from Pikmin 3 are featured with similar abilities as in that game


Pikmin Park

In Pikmin Park, the leftover Pikmin from completing a level come and help clear obstacles to find objects for Sparklium. Players can also convert these Pikmin to level up the Pikmin amiibo which increases how many Pikmin will come from midlevel use.

Treasure Hoard and Piklopedia

The game features a Treasure Hoard and a Piklopedia similar to Pikmin 2. They feature all the collected treasures and encountered enemies respectively with the bottom screen showing the model and the top screen is a description of said item. To see the complete list of treasure, check the "List of Hey! Pikmin treasures" page.



The game is compatible with the following amiibo:

These amiibo create a small level with the respective amiibo is a treasure to convert into Sparklium.

Any other amiibo just creates more Sparklium directly and they can only be scanned once a day.

The Pikmin amiibo can also be scanned in the middle of a level to give extra Pikmin


The game was announced on the September 1st, 2016 Nintendo Direct, where some gameplay information and footage was shown.

The official title, the launch date, the basic story line, and more gameplay elements were shown during the April 12th, 2017 Nintendo Direct.

A playable demo was released on the 3DS e-Shop on June 22, 2017 in Europe and July 13 in North America.


The game received "mixed or average" reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic getting a metascore of 69/100 based on 58 critic reviews.[1]


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