Hewdraw is a recurring boss in the Kid Icarus series. It is a long-necked serpant-like dragon and the second boss in the original Kid Icarus for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It returned in Kid Icarus: Uprising, now with multiple heads.


Kid Icarus

Hewdraw is the Gatekeeper of the Overworld's Fortress and guardian of one of the Three Sacred Treasures. He is fought in a room filled with lava with platforms floating above it. He hopes from lava pool to lava pool, attacking Pit whenever he's nearby.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

In Kid Icarus: Uprising Hewdraw has three heads, each of which can talk and have their own independent thoughts and personalities. Pit fights him midair, while venturing through the sky.


  • Hewdraw seems to be based on the hydra from Greek mythology

Official Descriptions

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Idol Description (Three-Headed Hewdraw)

"An enormous three-headed flying dragon. Each of Hewdraw's heads has its own personality, causing them to constantly bicker and argue. Lucky for them, the heads can survive if ever separated from their body."

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Idol Description (Hewdraw Head)

"After being severed from their shared body, Hewdraw's heads are free to go their own ways. One is dumber than the others, and Palutena is able to lure it with her pheromones, giving Pit a chance to slay it once and for all."

Kid Icarus: Uprising - Idol Description (Hewdraw Reborn)

"Hewdraw's incredible regenerative ability allows its final head to regrow a new torso mere minutes after its decapitation. After resting by a lake to regain its strength, the beast later waits to take its revenge on Pit."


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