Hestu ​is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a large sized Korok who plays the maracas. He is briefly mentioned by the first Korok discovered by Link. Hestu is looking for them, which is why the first Korok met initially thought of meeting Hestu when Link arrived. The Korok offers Link a Korok Seed and asks him to return it to Hestu when he meets him. It is later revealed these Koroks had played a prank on Hestu and had taken his Maracas and removed the Maracas' Korok Seeds which allow Hestu's Maracas to make noise.

When Link meets him in the West Necluda region, on the path to Kakariko Village, Hestu offers the side quest "The Priceless Maracas" in order to find his lost maracas. After bringing them back to him, Hestu expands Link's inventory slots (weapon, bow, shield) in exchange for Korok Seeds. One Korok Seed is needed for the first expansion, two are needed for the second expansion, etc. Each pouch can be upgraded to a maximum number of seven times. After Link has given Hestu all 900 Korok Seeds, he will reward Link with the key item Hestu's Gift in recognition of Link's accomplishment.

Hestu is first found on the path north of Dueling Peaks Stable and Kakariko Bridge. He will leave once he has upgraded Link's inventory a few times. Later, he can be found by Woodland Stable on his way back him to Korok Forest, near the fork southeast of the Lost Woods and will leave after upgrading Link's inventory a few times. Hestu finally makes it back to Korok Forest where Link can find him after managing to travel through the Lost Woods to Korok Forest. Hestu will remain in Korok Forest for the rest of the game.

Upon first meeting him, Hestu is surprised that Link can see him as Hylians normally can't see Koroks. However, it is shown that fairies know of him and his powers as a young girl named Ena who lives at the Tabantha Bridge Stable as she reveals that a male fairy friend of hers told her that if one is nice to a big forest kid they will be reward with a bigger inventory. Hestu is the largest Korok encountered in Breath of the Wild as he is even taller than Link.

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