The Hero is the playable character of Dragon Quest X. In the game, his/her sibling kidnapped in the tragic moment his/her home village, Tenton was attacked by monsters and demons.


A strange noise awakens the Hero from a dream, only to learn that their sibling accidentally destroyed the village's supply of Perky Beans, Lady Abba's favorite food, in an attempt to multiply them via alchemy. At Eteene's church the Hero meets Lady Abba's grandson, Singh, who instructs the Hero to gather various items from the local villagers, so that they can fashion a pillow to serve as a compensation for the lost of the perky beans. Lady Abba then asks the Hero to look for their sibling, and despite being upset at Singh for disturbing her, she still uses the pillow they made, falling into a deep sleep. After locating their sibling in a cul-de-sac trying to do more alchemy in the Eteene region, the Hero returns to the village, where Lady Abba announces that village will surely be destroyed, with no survivors. However, hope remains in the form of a plant known as the flower of Tensu, which blooms in a cave to the north. The Hero, their sibling, and Singh are chosen to retrieve it. Arriving at the cave, the party interrupts a demon called Bedora, who attempts to destroy the Flowers of Tensu to prevent their use. Bedora fights the trio but loses. In a last attempt to fulfill his mission, he attacks the flowers one last time, destroying them. However, one of them survives his rampage.

The party is seemingly too late however, as the village is under attack by the time they return. In an attempt to protect their sibling from an oncoming fireball, the Hero unknowingly casts a spell long thought to have been lost to history; the ability to surpass time. The Hero's sibling is safe, though is teleported elsewhere. A monster witnessed the event and quickly notifies his master, Lord Nergel, who was supervising the attack. Nergel apparently kills both the Hero and Singh with a fire spell and to assure that the Hero won't rise again he places a dark seal covering the central continent of Astortia, Rendaashia; trapping all its inhabitants in the deepest darkness.

Kame-sama, which survived the siege of Eteene thanks to its magic powers, uses a spell that splits the soul of the Hero from their corpse and transports it to the Heavenly Shrine where they are given the option of being born again but as a member of one of the citizens of the Five Tribes.

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