A list of quotes the Hero's Shade made in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii and GameCube.

  • "A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage. You may be destined to become the hero of legend...but your current power would disgrace the proud green of the hero's tunic you wear. You must use your courage to seek power...and find it you must. Only then will you become the hero for whom this world despairs."
  • "If you do find true courage, and you wish to save Hyrule from the horrors it now faces... Then you will be worthy to receive the secrets I hold!"
  • "Those are for only for the one who carries the blood of the hero...the one whose spirit is that of the sublime beast."
  • "You have at last mastered all of the hidden skills. Although I accepted life as the hero, I could not convey the lessons of that life to those who came after. At last, I have eased those regrets. You who have marched through countless foes, each mightier then the last... You who now gaze to the future with vision unclouded... Surely you can restore Hyrule to its stature of yore as the chosen land of the gods. ...Farwell!"
  • "Go and do not falter, my child!"
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