Herald is a Rare Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She can grant tremendous power to her Drivers, Rex, Nia, Zeke, or Mòrag, and their allies. Herald uses the electric element, wields an Ether Cannon, and acts as an Attacker in battle. She controls a kind of dragon-like mecha. She was sealed inside the Altar of Sealing in the Kingdom of Tantal after losing control of her power and destroying the Theospiti Temple many years ago.


Herald wants to do good, but her inability to fully control her powers hinders her efforts. While appearing calm and focused, she harbors guilt for what she has done in her previous life and is scared for what may happen if she loses control again. When she does she attempts to flee and then convince the party to destroy her for the sake of the world. However, she learns to accept her party's help and to trust them to keep her from going out of control.

Blade Specials

  • Lv. 1 - Empyrean Salvo - Launch homing missiles from your weapon and tail.
  • Lv. 2 - The Heavens Open - Release maximum electric ether and cause a huge explosion.
  • Lv. 3 - Final Retribution - Remove limiter and charge the enemy, exterminating them.
  • Lv. 4 - Heaven on Earth - Fire a super-strong laser to annihilate the enemy.

Blade Arts

  • Arts Plus - Boosts power of next art.
  • Critical Up - Increase critical hit rate.

Battle Skills

  • Dissolve Seal - Deal more and take more damage when at max Affinity.
  • Taboo - Increases aggro reduction.
  • Unlimited Output - Restores 12% HP of damage dealt after a successful auto-attack.

Field Skills

  • Electric Mastery - Lv. 3
  • Superstrength - Lv. 3
  • Rampage - Lv. 5 (Skill unique to Herald)

Affinity Chart

Favorite Items

  • Pouch item types: Drinks, Board Games
  • Pouch items: Lunana Smoothie (Drinks), Jeweled Billiard Balls (Board Games)

As an enemy

Herald Unbound is fought as a quest exclusive Blade boss at level 61 at the Bone Road inside the Spirit Crucible Elpys during the "The Calm and the Storm" quest.

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