Hendrik is a character from Dragon Quest XI. He is a champion knight of the Kingdom of Heliodor.


Hendrik is a tall and powerfully built older man with sharp features and blue-green eyes. He has shoulder-length light purple hair with a single strand hanging over his face, as well as a goatee.

As champion knight, Hendrik wears an ornate suit of black plate armour decorated with gold edges over chainmail and a black pair of trousers. There is an insignia of a golden two-headed eagle, the symbol of Heliodor, emblazoned on the front of his breastplate. He wears a long black cape with red lining, which is attached to his armour and he carries a two-handed sword on his back in a scabbard.

As a party member, he wears a full-length blue draughtboard tunic over a long-sleeved mustard shirt and black mail, complemented by dark brown leather gloves and boots and secured with a wide leather belt about his waist. The buckle has a sun design engraved. He slings his scabbard over his right shoulder.

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