Helmet is a Game & Watch game that was released in 1981. In the game, you have to run from one house to the house across from it without getting hit by falling tools that your enemies is throwing at you. Sometimes the door on the other house will close, making you run around until it opens.

Game & Watch Gallery version

In the updated version of the Game & Watch Gallery series, the playable character is replaced by Mario, and your enemy is replaced by a Lakitu. You are able to collect Coins, which let give you extra points. The regular items have also been replaced by other tools such as hammers and spiked balls.

Super Smash Bros. Melee stage

Mr. Game & Watch's stage, Flat Zone, in Super Smash Bros. Melee looks exactly like the stage in Helmet, it even has tools from the original game falling as well.

Mr. Game & Watch's run attack makes him headbutt an opponent while wearing the same helmet he wore in Helmet.


You can buy this game on the DSiWare for only 200 points, which is only 2 dollars. It keeps time and everything, and it is the same as it was on the Game and Watch system.