Helix (called DNA Man in the Japanese version) is a character in ARMS inspired by DNA and is himself supposed to be a genetic experiment.

Appearance & Personality

Helix is an anthropomorphic being made of a slimy substance, his arms have the looks of a double helix, the shape of the DNA molecule. Helix seems to have eyes made of LED lights.

He seems to maintain the same expression regardless of situation.

Pesonal information

Here is his personal information according to the official website:

  • From: ARMS Laboratories, Inc.
  • Height: 30-250 cm
  • Weight: 97kg
  • Age: 2
  • Hobbies: Watching the ARMS Grand Prix

Official Bio

An experiment by ARMS Laboratories, the leaders in ARMS research! In addition to his arms, his whole body is stretchy—and his signature ARMS are just as weird. He's secretly entered the Grand Prix to prove the merit of the lab's latest research!


When dashing, if the dash button is held down, Helix will shrink into a puddle on the ground which slides under most attacks. He will automatically leave puddle form after a time limit.

If you hold down the jump button, Helix will stretch into a tall form. In this mode he will bend to the left and right if you move while holding down jump. Punches targeting his body will miss him when he is bending unless they are deliberately steered to hit him. When you release jump, Helix will jump. Pressing jump quickly will have Helix jump without stretching. His ARMs will charge in the normal way if he jumps without using them, but they will also charge after holding down the jump button (thus remaining in stretched form) for a few seconds.

His default ARMS are:

  • Blorb
  • Ice Dragon
  • Guardian


  • Helix was revealed on April 28th 2017 on the Nintendo Youtube channel.
  • Apparently, Twintelle was one of his love interests during his childhood.
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