Helen ​is a female golfer in the game Mario Golf: Advance Tour. She has green hair and red eyes. She was trained by Kid, along with her fellow students Neil, Ella, and Buzz. She was forced to be teamed with Buzz as a doubles pair, to her chagrin. Like Plum, Helen appears at the side of the screen explaining the golf glossary definitions when it is brought up.

Helen appears to be just as calm and tactical as Ella does, and has devoted her knowledge to golf, appearing to be just as prodigious as her teacher. However, she easily gets agitated, and is fiercely competitive and sometimes makes fun of the player.

She is not a starting character in Mario Golf: Advance Tour, whereas in the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf, the player could pick up to four characters. She is also not a playable character. The only time Helen and Buzz are noticeable is in each singles and doubles tourney chart.


Helen's character design is arguably one of the most detailed designs in Advance Tour. She has wavy lime green hair with a single strand sticking out from the top. Her eyes are red. Her shirt is red with black stripes, and she wears purple short-shorts. Her glove is white and gold, the same glove design Sherry uses. Helen has short white socks and her golfing shoes are gold and brown.

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