Heisei Shin Onigashima (平成 新・鬼ヶ島, Heisei Era: New Onigashima) is the second game in the Shin Onigashima series. The game was originally broadcasted for the Satellaview system in Japan under the name BS Shin Onigashima, but was successful enough to be released commercially as well. It was the first game to make use of the Nintendo Power system, and was later released in cartridge form as well.


For the complete story, see the story section on the original game’s page.

Heisei Shin Onigashima tells the backstory to the original game. The game is divided into four parts, with the first three telling the story of how the heroes' animal companions met up with them. The first two are dedicated to Ringo the dog and Matsunosuke the monkey, and focuses on how they were told to help Donbe and Hikari, and their adventures up until that point. The third chapter puts Ohana the pheasant is the leading role, but the story revolves around Hikari's and Donbe's past, and how the Avatar of Darkness first came to threat the land.

In the final chapter, the final showdown from the first game is retold, but with new story elements to further connect it with the new parts of the story.


Like its predecessor, Heisei Shin Onigashima is a text-based adventure game where the action is controlled by choosing commands from a menu. Just like in Shin Onigashima, the screen is divided in three parts, featuring the menu, the narrative and a screen where the current action is shown. The gameplay has however been polished, to fix problems players had with the first game. This time around, there are more hints given, as to know what needs to be done next. The required solutions are also more logical, so that even without hints it is easier to know what to do. The game also doesn’t give players game-overs as often, thus generally lowering the difficulty and frustration many felt with the first game.

New in this version is the addition of action sequences. At these times, the player has direct control over the character. The player might be told to move the character, or quickly press the right buttons when prompted. A different kind of sections also appears where actions has to be chosen at the right time.

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