Hedlok is a character and an item in ARMS.

Hedlok appears in three places in the game currently:

  • As the final boss in Grand Prix when played at level higher than 4.
  • As an opponent in the "Team Vs Hedlok" mode in Party Match.
  • As an item in Hedlok Scramble mode.

Hedlok does not normally appear on his own; as his name implies, he clamps over the head of another character, possessing them. In Grand Prix mode, he possesses Max Brass.

When playing as Hedlok in Hedlok Scramble mode, he gives your character three ARMs on each side instead of just one, meaning that punches strike at three potential heights - making it harder to jump or duck under them. In addition, your character's throw and rush are replaced with Hedlok's.

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