Heath ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is a proud Wyvern Rider of Bern who is honorable with a strong sense of justice and morality.


Heath once served Bern as a Wyvern Rider under the command of Vaida. Among his wingmates were Isaac, Lachius, and Belminade, none of whom ever appear in the story. As he reveals to Kent in a B level support, his unit was sent down to suppress an uprising. What they found, however, was a group of unarmed peasants who fled at their approach; a general had drummed up a false rebellion in order to further his military career. When ordered to kill the peasants, his unit refused and tried to stop other Bern forces from harming them. For this treason, they were branded traitors and to be hanged. The general responsible for the false rebellion also spread a lie that the unit had killed innocents, while the opposite was true. Vaida served as a decoy as the rest of the unit fled to cross the border, but was seriously injured in the resulting battle. However, his former wingmates, save Vaida, are now all dead because of their desertion from Bern.

After fleeing Bern, he falls in with Eubans' mercenary group to make a living. In Hector's Story, he appears with a division of it along with Sealen during Chapter 15 and reports that he secured a route of retreat as Eubans ordered. He then leaves before the battle begins. He later appears when Eubans and the rest of the mercenaries attack Eliwood and Hector at a fort on Ostia's border. He will surrender to any of the lords if they speak to him, and can thus be recruited. If Ninian speaks to him, he asks her to send a message to the lords, and joins their army. If he is sent to fight Eubans, his former commander, they have a special pre-battle conversation.

His wyvern is named Hyperion.

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