Heat Wave is a mini-game in Plants vs. Zombies. In this mini-game, the game gives you ten plants, like four Peashooters, four Lily Pads and two Wall-nuts. You'll need to use your stylus to move your plants and fend off the zombies.


Crazy Dave will tell you that your plants cannot feel the heat. Crazy Dave will tell you that you must "shout" at your Mic.

As a Peashooter sees a zombie, you don't need to shift it until your peashooters turn brown. Blow in the Mic as the word, "SHOUT!" appears. You can slow down the Pole Vaulting Zombie by placing a Wall-nut behind it. Whenever a Buckethead Zombie or any other zombie comes, the Peashooters must turn orange to be hyper. Later, tougher zombies, like Football Zombies and Snorkeling Zombies will then assault you. As a Gargantuar comes, use the stylus to move the Peashooters and blow at your mic to "shout" at them and as it throws an Imp, kill the Imp and then kill it.

Remember, don't lose the plants to the heat as the dead zombies will still drop seed packets.


  • You can play this game if you haven't purchased the Wall-nut First Aid.
  • The reason why PopCap replaced Big Trouble, Little Zombie, because it would be too difficult for you to see the mini zombies.
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