Heart Star Colony is the first Captain Event of Bowser Station in Mario Party 9. When this is passed, the players will warp to another area. The captain's three rivals roll a unique dice block with colored hearts (red, blue, and green) first. After this, the captain will roll three times. If the captain's roll matches one player or more, the captain and those players will receive Mini-Stars. Once the captain's three rolls have ended, the players go back to the main route.

Sometimes Bowser Jr. will arrive and mess up the game. Each player (and the captain) will roll the dice block with hearts. After this, Bowser Jr. will roll a heart-covered dice block of his own. If his roll matches one player or more, those players will receive two Mini-Ztars as a "gift" from Bowser Jr.


  • If fewer than four players are playing this Captain Event, Mecha-Koopas will replace the missing players.
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