A health and safety warning on a Nintendo DS. The most common health and safety warning.

The Health & Safety Information is a set of precautions and warnings which users are suppose to take note of before using products released by Nintendo. As the name implies, it is a safety measure to prevent users from injuring themselves when they are using the hardwares.


The Health & Safety Information first appeared in a form of a booklet in 2000 when people bought the Game Boy Advance and later on, the warnings started popping up on certain Game Boy Advance games when played. Eventually, in 2004 when the Nintendo DS was launched, it came with a booklet and was also displayed on the screen when the system is turned on. In 2006, the same procedure applied for the Wii console.

In more recent years, the Nintendo 3DS, did not get the startup warning. Instead, it had a Health & Safety Information application pre-installed in the system. The same also applied for the New Nintendo 3DS handhelds released in 2014, and the Wii U console. Currently, these information can also be browsed online on Nintendo's official website.

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