Fan la Norne, also known as Haze, is a Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Praetor Amalthus is her current Driver but she once was the Blade of Lora, a member of the Tornan army. She is the Goddess of Indol and is the envoy for the Indoline Praetorium. Her ability is to limit the power of other Blades and Titans.

In Torna ~ The Golden Country~, Haze is one of Lora's blade and can be used as a directly controlled character in battle thanks to the different battle system of the expansion. Her element is wind, and she acts as a Healer in battle.


Before the beginning of the game

500 years before the beginning of the game, Haze was Lora's Blade and fought alongside her, Mythra, Addam Origo and Jin against Malos in the Aegis War. When Lora was killed by the Indoline soldiers, she returned in her Core Crystal and Amalthus eventually found it and awakened her. After testing the Blade Eater technology on a group of refugee, the Praetor implanted parts of her Core Crystal and became a Blade Eater.

Meeting the party

500 years later, Haze is now known as Fan la Norne meets the party when they were facing Mikhail and Patroka, she use her powers to restrain the duo and force them to retreat. She then explain to them that the praetor is her Driver as well as Malos' and Cole's Driver and take them to the Leftherian Archipelago. There she travel with the party until they reach the Praetorium.

She is then seen near the mural in the Sanctum, she mentions to Rex and Nia that the memories of her past life are missing and that she would want to learn more about "Haze".


When Jin take over one of Judicium's Titan weapon and threaten to start a war between the Kingdom of Uraya and the Empire of Mor Ardain, she offer her help and follow them to Temperantia where she block the abilities of the Titan weapon. She is then killed by Jin who stabs what remains of her Core Crystal. Her state funeral was held in Seoris Plaza after the summit of world leaders met in Indol.

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