Hayden is a supporting character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He is the king of Frelia and the father of Innes and Tana. He can be unlocked and playable through the Creature Campaign.


Described as the venerable Sage King, Hayden is a wise and honorable king who values his friendship with King Fado as shown in the early chapter. After the fall of Renais, he offers Princess Eirika shelter in Frelia's capital, but is refused and ends up lending her some help instead, Vanessa, Gilliam and Moulder are added to the ranks to help her on the way to find her brother Ephraim. Sometime during the war, Hayden sent his elder son, Innes, to lead the fight against Grado. After the twins of Renais are reunited and Grado's true goal is revealed, he is last seen giving the party advice and supplies, then sends Innes and Eirika to warn Jehanna and Rausten, while Ephraim plans to march towards Grado's capital directly.

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