Hateno Village (JP) (Elimith's Village in the French version and Finterra Village in the Italian version) is a permanent Hylian settlement found in the East Necluda region of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

It is one of the only Hylian settlements that survived the Great Calamity and as such, it is one of the only villages left at the beginning of the game. Hateno is renowed for its Dye shop which is the only one in Hyrule as well as the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab which is led by the head of the remaining Sheikah scientists, Dr. Purah.


East Winds

East Winds is a General Goods store owned by Pruce.

Item Price Effect
Hylian Rice 12 Rupees One heart restored
Bird Egg 12 Rupees One heart restored
Fresh Milk 12 Rupees Half a heart restored
Endura Shroom 24 Rupees One Heart restored, increases max stamina when cooked
Hearthy Truffle 24 Rupees Restores two Hearts, increases max hearts when cooked
Arrow (5) 20 Rupees Normal type of arrows
Bomb Arrow (1) 50 Rupees Explode on contact
Bomb Arrow (10) 350 Rupees Explode on contact

Ventest Clothing

Ventest Clothing is a clothing shop owned by Seldon and operated by Sophie, his daughter.

Item Price set
Hylian Hood 60 Rupees Hylian Set
Hylian Tunic 120 Rupees Hylian Set
Hylian Trousers 90 Rupees Hylian Set
Soldier's Helm 180 Rupees Soldier Set
Soldier's Armor 250 Rupees Soldier Set
Soldier's Greaves 200 Rupees Soldier Set
Warm Doublet 80 Rupees N/A

Kochi Dye Shop

The Kochi Dye Shop is a shop operated by Sayge that allow Link to change the color of his armors in exchange of 20 Rupees and the appropriate materials.

Place of Interest

Bolson Construction

Bolson Construction is a construction business owned by Bolson. Link can ask Bolson to buy his own house in Hateno. They are also the creators of Tarrey Town and various colorful house in Hateno Village.

Hateno Ancient Tech Lab

The Hateno Ancient Tech Lab is one of the two remaining Sheikah labs in Hyrule and the residency of the head of the Sheikah scientists, the Dr. Purah.

Horned Statue

The horned statue is an ancient god that was punished by the goddess Hylia and sealed in the statue for tempting mortals with questionable bargains. Link can sell his Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels to him for 100 rupees and pay 120 rupees to get one of those two items which allow him to turn his Stamina Vessels into Heart Containers and vice versa.

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