This is a walkthrough of Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning, written by User:Rocketslime 1 1.


In this play-through I will be playing as a boy, and attempting to marry the Witch Princess. This is also my first play-through of this game so I may make some mistakes, and give some suggestions on what I should have done.

Also because of the type of game this is I may venture randomly between 1st person (Me, I) and 2nd person (You, your) point of views.

Bachelors and Bachlorettes



New Game

To start, on the main menu you must tap "New Game". Then you are asked if you want to play as a boy or a girl. I will be playing as a boy. You are then brought to the Character Customization screen where you can customize your character. First you are asked for your character's skin color. Then you are asked for your character's facial expression. You are then asked for your character's hairstyle. Then you are asked for your character's hair color. You are then asked for your character's eye color. Then you are asked for your character's gear. You are then asked to confirm your selections, when you are ready, tap "Ok" or press the A Button.

You are then asked to enter your character's birthday. For this game the calender goes by four 30 day seasons. You must tap on the season and day you want your character's birthday to be on and then tap "Ok". Then you are asked to enter your character's name, but before that you receive a notice that tells you that your character's name and other info such as animal names will be displayed to others during Wifi. Your character's name can be 6 characters long and can only consist of letters and a few symbols (not many). You are then asked to confirm your character's settings, when you are ready tap "Ok".

A New Beginning


The game starts out by telling you a bit about your village, Echo Village. Echo Village is a settlement surrounded by mountains that was once home to many people, however eventually villagers began moving away, and it is now almost empty.

Then you watch your character move around in a field, he/she is then approached by a cloaked old man who asks for help and then faints. An unknown voice then asks you to help the old man, and it teaches you how to move with the Circle Pad, how to jump, and how to talk to people. You then have to go up to the old man and talk to him. You then help him and give him some water, and he thanks you for helping him. He then reveals that his name is Dunhill, and that he knew that you were coming and he is friends with your family.

He then introduces you to Echo Village, and tells you that your parents told him that you were sent here to take over the farm land that your ancestors owned, as part of your coming of age. He tells you that originally the land was going to be your fathers and he was going to operate a farm there, but he had to move to another town to marry your mother, and it ended up being unused. However your father did occasionally come and do some work on it, and your father is glad that you will get to live there. He tells you that your father asked him to give you help if you need any.

Dunhill then brings you to his house and gives you a meal as thanks for saving him. He then explains the health and condition system. He tells you that your heart bar indicates your stamina, and that if you lose all of your stamina you will faint. He tells you that you can recover your stamina by eating. Then he tells you that the face icon next to the heart bar indicates your state of health, which changes based on if you are living a proper lifestyle. He says that your health will go down if you skip eating, don't get enough sleep, or get fatigued. He informs you that to recover health you should eat and get enough sleep. He then informs you that your health is not so good now and he'll go get you something to eat, however he is actually referring to your stamina, not your health.

Dunhill then goes to show you your farm, however while you are going to your farm you overhear 4 people talking nearby. You hear that an inn owner named Hossan and a boy named Niko are leaving town to start an inn elsewhere. Dunhill then tells you that the people talking to Hossan and Niko were local residents named Hana and Emma. He tells the player that the town is very small and nice, but there isn't much work so many people are leaving which creates a vicious cycle that drives people away.

Then Dunhill brings you to your farm and asks you to name it. The farm can have a 6 character long name using letters and a few symbols, though after its selected name it has "Farm", for example "Freeze Farm". You are then asked to confirm your farm's name, when you are ready select "Use this name". He then tells you that your farm is a bit run down, and he teaches you how to pick up items. He asks you to pick up 10 items and then return to him, however first he teaches you how to move the camera view by using the Directional-Pad.

When you return to him he teaches you how to use your bag to manage the items you pick up. He also tells you that edible items have a quality rating assigned to them that is shown by how many stars they have, and the more stars that they have, the more money it is worth. He also tells you that items with different qualities are stored as different entries in your bag, and that they can be combined, however their quality ratings will be averaged. He also tells you that you can sort your bag by pressing the Y Button.

He then shows you around your house. Explains your furniture, such as your kitchen, refrigerator, calender, bed, closet, bookshelf, toolbox, and storage. He then gives you a diary and an encyclopedia (ironically he only hands you one book that is the size of your head). He explains that the dairy records what you do every day, and that the encyclopedia gives you information on items and play records. He informs you that you can use your diary on the X Button menu, and the encyclopedia from your bookshelf. He says that that has been enough for today and he will show you around town tomorrow and he will introduce you to Emma and Hana. You then have to go to bed for the night. The game then informs you that when you go to bed, the time that you wake up the next day depends on when you go to sleep. Then select "Sleep for today".

Getting to Know You


When you wake up and walk out of your house Dunhill greets you. You then complain about an odd noise that you heard, and he apologizes about the noise and tells you that he was delivering your mail, since being the village's mailman is one of his hobbies. He then explains how the mailbox works, and tells you that every week he will deliver your newspaper, which has weather forecasts and articles about farm life, and that occasionally he will deliver letters to you. He also tells you that if you forget how to use the mailbox you can find that information on your bookshelf. Then you both head out into town.

When you enter town Dunhill introduces you to Emma and Hana. You meet Hana, who runs the General Store, the building with red bricks near the entrance. At the General Store, Hana sells seeds that you can grow and tools that you can use. Then you meet Emma, who will handle the shipping of goods from your farm. She lives in the house with the purple roof and the fence. Whenever you ship an item Emma will give you money for it the next day. Then Emma and Hana both go back to their homes. Dunhill then explains to you how to use the mini-map, which appears on the bottom screen and shows where everyone is and where buildings are located. He then demonstrates you how the icons of people on the mini-map follow them as they move.

When you walk over to him he then tells you that to the east of town is the River, where you can pick herbs, flowers, and fruit. Then he asks you to follow him to his house. When you reach his house he tells you that north of town is the Festival Grounds, and that town festivals are held there. He then shows you an empty house that is located next to his house, and tells you that the Plaza is located to the left of that house. He then walks over to the top-left corner of the min-map and asks you to follow him. When you reach him he tells you that north of where you are is the Forest, where you can find a lot of fruit. He also tells you that in between the Forest and the River is the Mountain. Then he asks you to follow him to the house with the red roof.


When you reach him he tells you that the house with the red roof is where the Animal Dealer lives, and that he will introduce you to him when he returns to town when he is done restocking. He then finishes his tour of the town by teaching you how to buy goods from the General Store. Then Hana tells you that the store is only closed on Wednesday and Sunday and they are open from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. She also tells you that to buy things from her you have to talk to her from across the counter in her store. Dunhill then asks if you need any more help and you reply no. He then tells you that you might want to go around and pick flowers or fruit and try catching bugs by pressing the A Button. Then he leaves you to do what you want to do for the day. You think that you might want to visit the River, Forest, or Mountain. If you decide to go to the town it is north of your farm (ironically that is one of the few things Dunhill doesn't tell you). At this point I recommend you walk around and pick up items to get used to the gameplay. I also recommend that at this point you save your game, it is also notable that this game features 2 savefiles so you can play this game twice without losing the progress of your first save.

At this point I decided to walk around the Forest. One of the first things I noticed were the wild areas they wandered around and ran away from me when I approached them, and I was able to pick up some of them. I assume that like in earlier Harvest Moon games you can befriend them, but I'm not sure. I'll likely find out more about them later. The next thing that I noticed were the bugs. The bugs fly around, jump around, and sit on the sides of trees. You can catch them by going up to them and pressing the A Button. While catching bugs and picking up items I found a Honey Bee and a Honeycomb. From what I've found online it is recommended at first to get some Honeycombs and Honey Bees as they are needed to make honey which is needed semi-early on. After a couple of hours (game-hours) of wandering around I decided to head back to my farm, but ship some of my items first. I found that to ship items you must go in front of Emma's house and press the A Button while in front of the shipping bin, and then selling your items, though you will not get the money for them until the next day. At this point I decided to go to bed in my farm.

Life on the Farm

When you wake up Dunhill greets you and teaches you how to grow crops. He tells you that you can grow 8 crops in each field, and that each crop requires 1 square to grow. He tells you that to grow a crop you need to till the field, sow the seeds, water the plants, and when they become ripe you must harvest them. He tells you that to till a square of a field you need to use your Hoe, to sow a seed you need to use a seed on tilled soil, and that to water a plant you need to use your Watering Can. He then gives you a Hoe, a Watering Can, and seeds. He then tells you that you can equip the tools from your bag screen, and that you can easily equip a tool by pressing the R Button, and he asks you to give it a try (ironically he does not give you time to do so). He also tells you that you can put a tool back in your bag by pressing the Y Button. Then he goes in detail on how to grow crops. He goes over things that are mostly obvious, but some things that aren't such as the fact that seeds can sow a 2x2 set of 4 field squares and that to remove seed you have to use your Hoe on them. He also tells you that you must water your crops every day until they become ripe, and that on sunny days that plant will dry up in a few hours after watering and can be watered again, and if you do water them again they will grow faster, so they can be harvested sooner. He also explains that most plants can be harvested by hand, but a few need to be harvested using a sickle, and those plants say so on the seed description.

Dunhill also explains how crops can wilt and die. He says if you forget to water crops for a day they will wilt, and if you water wilted crops they will recover. However if you let them wilt for several days they will die. He also explains that some crops can only grow in certain seasons and if they are still growing when the season is not one that they can grow in then they will die. He also says that dead plants can only be removed by using a Sickle on them. He also on a different note explains that you can buy and use Fertilizer on plants once a day to improve their quality. He also tells you that if you forget this information you can find it again on your bookshelf. He tells you that you can grow vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs. You then ask him what exactly you should be doing and he replies, whatever you want. After you express annoyance for his response he recommends you try growing crops. He also recommends that after you make a good amount of money you should try raising animals as well. He also recommends foraging for items and selling them to make some extra money. Also he recommends that you interact with wild animals and give them produce.

At this point I decided to plant some crops and look around for some items. After shipping my extra items I decided to go to the General Store and see the new goods in stock. When I entered the shop and talked to Hana she started telling me about buying bouquets. She said to purchase a bouquet you need to bring her 4 flowers and she will arrange them into a bouquet for a small fee. One thing that I figured was noteworthy at this time is that unlike some Harvest Moon games in this one time does still pass when you are inside. Another I should note at this time is bug catching ratings, it seems that after you catch a certain amount of bugs your rank goes up, it seems to have no effect other than for completion. After that I decided to go to bed.

How to Ship

The next morning Emma comes to your house to explain how to ship goods. I won't go into detail on shipping as I have done so earlier in this walkthrough. After explaining how to ship goods Emma leaves your house.

At this point I feel like it is worth mentioning that supposing that this game is like some earlier ones you should start collecting small branches and small rocks as those will likely be used later.

The next day no notable event occurred so figured it would be a good time to check out the Festival Grounds after doing my normal routine. So I went to the north-eastern corner of town and checked it out. When there isn't a contest it seems to be not quite so interesting. It is just a large square field of land. Also at this point (while typing this) I accidentally bumped against the bottom screen of my 3DS and noticed that you can zoom in and out of the mini-map by taping it.

I also decided to check out where Dunhill was since he appeared to be in the empty house, so I went in and it turns out it is actually Dunhill's house (yet another problem with the tutorial). So I decided to check out the empty house. I went up to it, figuring it would probably be locked, but I was able to enter it. From the looks of it I think it will be the blacksmith's house, as it has a black, metal fireplace with a metal workbench next to it.

After that I decided to go to bed, when I did so a mysterious voice started talking to my character. Apparently this character can talk to you in your dream somehow, as he asks you to "reply to me in your dream!". This person asks you if you are having problems figuring out what to do on your farm. It is likely a repeat of previous knowledge so I answered "No". It then tells you to have good dreams and then leaves.

The next day I was doing my routine and noticed that you can get a few items by interacting (A Button) with tree-stumps that have plants on them.

Note: At this point in the guide I won't be going day to day, as important things may occur in a few days to a few months, though I will try to mention important dates.

At one point I decided to buy some recipes for my kitchen from the General Store. I think that cooked foods may be able to get more food than basic materials. From the first couple recipes I got I found that the only recipe I could make at the time was Herb Soup, which required any Herb. I had 3 herbs so I decided to make 2 of them and see what is worth more. I found that the Chamomile I used to make the soup sells for 30G and the Herb Soup sells for 168G, which makes it a 138G improvement! So I recommend you buy recipes as soon as possible.

By Spring 08 the turnips I was growing were ready to harvest. At that point I decided to make Turnip Salad with the Turnips. The Turnips sell for 125G and the Turnip Salad sells for 168G. That is a 43G improvement, not much, but still an improvement.

Meet Neil


When you wake up on Spring 09, you walk out of your house and see a cow. You then meet Neil, the person who runs the Animal Store. (Note: He is one of the bachelors.) He gives you a cow that is a present from Dunhill. He than lets you name your new cow, the name can (as usual) be 6 characters long and be letters and some symbols. (Sadly no numbers.) Neil tells you that the cow he brought you doesn't normally trust people, but she is fond of you. He tells you that he is going to give you a present that was someone else's goodbye gift, and he gives you tools for breeding animals. He gives you a milker, a brush, and a pitchfork. He then asks if you know how to take care of animals.

As this is a new game I will select "No". He first shows you your Barn, which is the other building on your farm, and he also tells you that the only animals you don't keep in the Barn are Chickens which you keep in the Coop. He tells you that to take care of animals you need to brush them, harvest goods from them, feed them, clean the barn, and let them out to graze. He then goes into detail on those processes. He tells you that everyday you should interact with your animals (A Button) and brush them by interacting with them while having the brush equipped. He then tells you how to harvest goods from animals. You can use a milker on cows, clippers on sheep and pick up eggs laid by hens in the nesting box. Next he goes into how to feed animals. To do that you must put Fodder in the food bins for livestock and Chicken Feed for poultry, and he sells both in is store. He also says that you can keep extra feed in storage and take it out five at a time. He then goes over how to clean the barn. To clean the barn you must remove piles of dirt when they appear by using the pitchfork. He also tells you that to let your animals graze you must let them outside on Sunny or Snowy days, but you must bring them in in the evening, and if you let them out on days with bad weather their stress will go up. To let them out and in you must push them in / out of the barn, though you can use the Farmbell to help with that.

Neil then remembers that he forgot to tell you about animal information. He shows you a book on a table on the western side of the barn, where you can find the animal information. He tells you that you can use the animal information to keep track of your animals' mood levels, stress levels, and daily care status. He shows you that in the animal information the hearts next to the animal's name show its mood level, which goes up as you take care of them and increases the quality of their goods. He also shows you the stress bar, which indicates the animal's stress which shows how likely an animal is to get a disease. He informs you that sick animals don't produce goods, and that if one of your animals gets sick you can cure them with Animal Medicine which you can buy in his store. He also says that if you leave an animal sick then it will eventually die. He also tells you that if you forget how to take care of your animals then you can always look it up in your Bookshelf. He then begins to tell you about his Animal Store. He says it is open on Monday - Thursday at 10:00AM – 6:00PM, though it is closed on Rainy days. He then tells you to take care of your new cow and leaves.

When you visit Neil at his shop he starts to tell you about the Animal Sanctuary. He tells you that the Animal Sanctuary is a special place where you can take your animals (not chickens) to graze. He says that when you let them graze there their stress level goes down and after a few times grazing they will give a special product, however it costs some gold to go there. You can go there with your animals from his shop. At his shop you can buy some items to help you take of your animals, the most notable being Fodder which you can buy in packs of 10 for 110G to feed your animals with.

That day when you go to sleep the same voice from before talks to you and tells you that you can catch different types of bugs at different times of the day.

Item Prices

At this point I decided to make a list of the values of some of the items and how to improve them.

Note: These are as of where I am now. And the values will improve with the quality of the item.

Item Value (Gold) Cook
Mint 50 Yes
Chamomile 30 Yes
Shiitake 100 Yes
Poison Mushroom 25 Yes
Milk 240 -
Bugs 20, 30,
40, 50
Scrap Metal 10 -
Moondrop Flower 30 -
Magic Blue Flower 30 -
Bamboo Shoot 50 Yes
Herb Soup 168 Cooked
Mushroom Soup 156 Cooked

How to Cook

On Spring 12 when you wake up Emma come into your house and asks you how you are adapting to life in Echo Village. After you tell her that you are doing well she asks if you know how to cook, and says she can explain it too you if you'd like. As this is a new game I will select "Please explain". Emma tells you that she has a kid that is about your age who lives alone, so she is always looking for a chance to help someone in that situation, so she is glad to help you. She asks you to go with her to your kitchen.

Emma tells you that to cook food you need a recipe and ingredients. She also tells you that there are eight categories of recipes: salad, soup, fried, pot, rice, bread, desserts, and drinks. She tells you that to make recipes you need the set of basic recipes, which are sold at the General Store. She then gives you the Basic Bread Recipes and the Basic Desert Recipes. She tells you that you can give food that you have cooked as gifts, and that you need to make deserts for Harmony Day and Pumpkin Festival. She tells you that that is all that she needs to teach you about cooking and leaves.

A New Friend

On the morning of Spring 15 you are woken by Hana, and she asks you to take a walk with her to show you a great place to gather things. You reply yes and she is glad you agreed since there wasn't anyone in town that she could take a walk with. Both of you head out and go to an area in the Mountain. She shows you a stump with flowers and informs you that you can search stumps like that one to find herbs and nuts, and asks you to try it. Then she says that it is time to go back home.


While both of you are heading home she spots someone walking in the field next to the stream in the Mountains. She decides that both of you should go talk to her. You and Hana meet the person and she reveals that her name is Iroha. She says that she is happy that you two talked to her since she is having a bit of trouble and hopes that you can help her out. She heard that ore can be mined in this region, but she cannot find where she can mine ore. Hana says that Iroha is correct, ore can be found here and that there is a spot in the forest where you can find it, though Hana says that neither of you saw anything there today. Iroha thanks both of you for your help, and she says that she will be staying in town for a while to collect ore and asks if you could tell her where the inn is. Hana tells her that they used to have an inn, but it closed down a few days ago. Iroha decides that she will then have to stay at the next town over. Then your character has an idea, you decide that she could stay in the empty house. Hana thinks that is a good idea, and think that they all should go ask Dunhill about it.

Hana, Iroha, and you walk into the empty house. Iroha notices the forge in the house, and Hana goes to go get Dunhill. Iroha says that she is very happy that there is a forge in the town, and you inquire as to why. She then tells you that she is traveling from region to region while training to become a blacksmith. She tells you that she is happy that the house has a forge so that she can spend more time training. Dunhill and Hana enter the house and Dunhill greets Iroha, and asks to know about her. She explains to Dunhill what she just explained to you, and asks Dunhill if she can live in the house in exchange for rent. Dunhill says that she can and he is happy to see the house being used instead of sitting there empty. He also says that it will be good to have a blacksmith in town. Iroha thanks Dunhill for letting her stay there, and Dunhill says that he'll go get the house ready. Hana says that she will go let Emma and Neil know that Iroha will be moving into town. Iroha thanks everyone, especially you, and she gives you a Hammer and an Axe as a thank-you.

Iroha tells you that you can use the Hammer to smash rocks into stone and use the Axe to make wood from trees. She also tells you that you could use the Axe to chop down trees, which could be useful when trying to clear space in town and on your farm. She also says that when you chop down a tree you get a lot of branches from it. She says that the Axe she gave you can cut down Broadleaf Trees, which are the trees with round leaves, and suggests that you try it out. She apologizes that those aren't normally the types of gifts that people give, but that is all she has right now. You then tell her that you run a farm. She is surprised, but she is glad that you will make use of the tools. She also hopes that both of you can become friends.

Later that day when you go to bed the voice speaks to you again. This time it asks you how the cow you got from Neil is doing, and it tells you that you can get milk from cows, which you can ship or use in cooking, and if you make enough money you can buy another cow. The voice also expresses how they think cows are cute and they think you will love having them. Then the voice tells you to have good dreams and then leaves.

Meet the Harvest Sprites

On Spring 17, when you wake up you are greeted by the unknown voice. The voice reveals himself to be a Harvest Sprite named Aaron. He tells you that he has protected Echo Village along with his sister for a long time, and he thought that it was time that you met him. He asks if you heard his voice before somewhere, and then he tells you that he is the one who helped you help Dunhill when you first cam to town. He says that he couldn't help Dunhill himself because regular people can't see Harvest Sprites. He also tells you that you can see him because the Harvest Goddess has blessed you. He then says that he will now introduce you to his sister.

He then transports you by magic to the set of odd tree stumps in the north-western section of the River. He tells yo that Harvest Sprites have the ability to use magic. He then tries calling for his sister, and his sister teleports over, accidentally knocking you over. She introduces herself to be Alice, a Harvest Sprite. She asks what you are doing over away from her, and Aaron tells her that she sent you flying and that that is not very nice. Then she blames you for not moving out of the way. Then Alice and Aaron start arguing, and then after they stop arguing Alice tells Aaron to explain about the Stumps. Aaron tells you that they were instructed by the Harvest Goddess to explain the Stumps to you. He tells you that you have likely noticed that you can't reach certain parts of Echo Village, but that you will need to get to these areas to revitalize the town. He tells you that you can't just use a hammer to smash your way to these locations, but if you use the Sound Stumps to play the right notes then the blockages will be removed. He says you can hit the stumps with a hammer to make notes. He says the notes are: Red - Do, Orange - Re, Yellow - Mi, Green - Fa, Light Blue - So, Blue - La, Pink - Ti, Purple - Do.

He also tells you that just making noise won't break down blockages, and that you need to play the correct melody to break the barriers down. He tells you that the correct melodies are written down on a music sheet which he shows you. He says that if you play the correct melody in the correct location then you will be able to proceed. However Alice tells you that they can't just tell you the right combinations, as it wouldn't be much fun, and decides to hide the music sheets. Though Aaron disagrees, and says that they are not supposed to be playing games, but you agree with Alice and she says that she will give you a hint as to where she will hide the first music sheet. The hint she gives is "The hint is the house of an old man who wears a hat.". Alice then complains about the conversation being too long, and Aaron comments about how she didn't do much, and Alice in return mostly ignores his comment and ends the conversation after telling you that they will be at the Sound Stumps when the weather is nice. Aaron tells you that if you forget how to use the Sound Stumps you can always look it up in your Bookself.

The first music sheet can be found under Dunhill's bed. When you find it Aaron teleports to you and he takes it back to the Sound Stumps. When you go to the Sound Stumps he asks you if you want to play the music sheet, called "The Basic Scale". If you select yes he tells you to hit the notes he tells you in order. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. So that is all of the Sound Stumps from left to right. To play the note you must go on top of the stump and press the A Button, since your Hammer will automatically be equipped. When you play the notes correctly Alice congratulates you and they activate the Bouncy Mushroom in the lower part of the Forest. Aaron tells you that you can use the Bouncy Mushroom to fly up the Forest and a hollow tree stump to fall back down. Alice tells you that she will let you know when she has hidden the 2nd music sheet.

Fish Traps

On Spring 20, when you walk from the town to the River you run into Dunhill and he gives you Basic Bread Recipes and Basic Dessert Recipes (didn't I already get those?). Then he hands you a fish trap. (???) Then he tells you that you can use it at certain points to catch fish. (What is going on here?) Then he offers to explain how to use it. (How am I supposed to use recipe books that look like a fish trap to catch fish?) He brings you to a rocky area near the river and he tells you that in areas like that that have a stick sticking out of the water you can set a fish trap. He tells you that you can place a fish trap by holding it and pressing the A Button. After 30 in game minutes the trap will shake and you can take it out of the water by going up to it and pressing the A Button. He also recommends that you cook the fish too. He also warns you that sometimes fish traps can break, and when they break you need to get a new one. Then he leaves.

A Crop Festival

When you wake up on Spring 21, Dunhill comes into your house and says that he has something important to tell you. He tells you that he has created a new festival for the town. He asks you if you think that more people will want to come to town if they have fun festivals. He tells you that he is going to try and make more and more festivals as the town grows. He tells you that the first festival they will be having is the Crop Festival, where there will be 4 divisions: Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, and Others, and you can enter and try to have the best quality crop. He also says that there will be three class levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. He says that if you win in any level your farm's brand will improve so the shipping value of similar products to the division you win in will have a higher shipping rate. He also asks you to enter in the contest to represent the town. He tells you that the Crop Festival will be held on the 30th day of each season from 12:00PM at the Festival Grounds. He also says that you can enter from 12:00PM – 3:00PM. He also informs you that if you forget when it is you can always check the Calender. He apologizes for disturbing you at such an early time and leaves.

On Spring 23 when you go to bed Aaron speaks to you in your dreams. He reminds you that the Crop Festival will be on Spring 30, and he tells you that if you win the festival you will be able to sell your crops for more money. He also tells you that if you are start growing crops now you should be able to harvest them before the festival. He then says good bye and leaves.

Meet Rebecca and Toni


On Spring 25 you are woken up by Dunhill, who introduces you to new residents that have moved into town, Rebecca and her son Toni. Dunhill explains that he was going to have them move into the empty house, bu Iroha moved in there. So he says that we should build a new house for Rebecca and Toni. Rebecca says that she is an Architect, and she can draw blueprints for things like houses. She also says that she already has made blueprints for the new house and that we just need the materials for it. Dunhill says that once we get the materials it shouldn't take too long to build the house, and he ask you if you will help out and you reply yes. Dunhill and Rebecca thank you for your help, and you all go to the mountains to find materials.

Collecting Materials


You, Dunhill, Rebecca, and Toni arrive at the mountains. Rebecca tells you that to build the house they need 30 Small Material Stone and 30 Small Lumber. Dunhill asks you to find 10 Small Rocks and 10 Small Branches, and tell you that once you have collected them to bring them to Iroha and she will turn them into materials. Toni also decides to help you look for materials. (Oddly you can't use materials you already have) So when you gather the items and take them to Iroha she turns them into materials.

You then gather around with the other villagers, and you find out that the group has enough materials. Rebecca asks if she can use the studio in your house, but you have no memory of having one, but Rebecca says that you do have one and she'd like to show you how to use it after you build the house. You and Rebecca go to your house, while everyone else clears out the area where the new house will be built. At your house Rebecca shows you a door on the side of your house which she tells you is the door to your studio. She informs you that in your studio you can make various things with the supplies that you have and place them. She tells you that to build things you need a blueprint and materials. She then gives you the blueprint for the house and the materials. She hands you the Architect's House Blueprint, Small Lumber, and Small Material Stone.

Both of you then enter the studio and Rebecca teaches you how to use the studio. She tells you that when you enter the studio, the studio menu will popup. In the Blueprint Menu you can make house or town amenities or tools that you can use. The amenities can be placed on the map using the Edit Menu. In the Blueprint Menu on the top screen you can see the blueprint and the materials you need for it. On the bottom screen you can see a list of all of your blueprints, which you can select by pressing the A Button and it will appear on the top screen. If you have all of the materials needed for the selected blueprint you can make it by pressing the A Button. She then tells you to try making the Architect's Studio.

After selecting to build the new house you go to a field with some materials in the middle and you use your hammer to start building the building, and then a whole bunch more of you come to help you. (???) When you finish the building Rebecca thanks you for doing such a good job building the house. Then all of the other villagers congratulate you on your good work.

Rebecca brings you back to your farm to explain the Edit Menu. To teach you how to use it you will practice by using a Wooden Fence. She tells you that when editing you will have to look between both the top and bottom screen. In editing mode you use the A Button to pick up items, the Y Button to put items back into the Studio, and the X Button or tapping the bottom screen to switch to the bottom screen. On the bottom you can select items from your inventory, and when you select an object it switches to the top screen so you can place it. You can set an object by pressing the A Button, and you can turn it by pressing the L Button or R Button. When placing items there is a blue highlight which shows where the object will go. She also tells you that while you can move things like houses, but you can't put them into your inventory. She then lets you try it out by placing the Wooden Fence. She then tells you that you can't put important farm objects in town. She also explains about Edit Points (EP), which is a limit to the number and types of items you can put in one area of the map, with each item having its own EP value, and you cannot exceed the EP limit of an area when placing objects. She also says that if you forget what she told you then you can look it up in your Bookshelf. She also tells you that there are editing combos which are special effects that you get for placing certain items together. She also recommends that when you get new blueprints you should try placing different objects around. As a thank you for your help she gives you Various Blueprints. She then decides it is time for her to head home and go draw up more blueprints. She also tells you that she sells blueprints on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays from 10:00AM to 6:00PM. She then asks that you start using your studio well, and leaves.

Making a Newspaper Carrier's House

On that same day (Spring 25) I decided to check out Rebecca's shop. At her shop she sells blueprints and some materials for blueprints. One that I found interesting was the house blueprint for Newspaper Carrier [house], so I decided to purchase it. While I was there I picked up the stone and copper I needed and chopped the branches I had to get enough wood for it, and I decided to make it. So then I went to the studio, found the blueprint and made it.

Then next morning nothing happened, and I realized that I should see if I have to place the house, and I then confirmed my idea. So then I placed the new building in town, though I realized that I could clear away a few objects that are in the lower level of the Eastern-middle section of town to make room for the new house. One thing that I did notice when using the edit system was that it was quite bad with large objects. I may have not noticed something with it, but it was impossible to see where you are putting the house and it is very difficult to place it.

Meet the Harvest Goddess

Meet the Harvest Goddess (Harvest Moon 3D A New Beginning).png

On Spring 27 you are woken up by Alice and Aaron and Aaron tells you that the Harvest Goddess has returned. Then they take you to the spring on the Mountain. Alice hands you a crop and tells you to toss it into the spring and watch what happens. So you toss it into the spring and the Harvest Goddess appears in front of you using her catchphrase "Dum-Da-Da-DAA!". She says that she is that Harvest Goddess, and that she was away for a while, but is now back. She then asks if the Harvest Sprites have told you about the Sound Trees, and you reply yes. (She is actually referring to the Sound Stumps) She then thanks Alice and Aaron, who then start arguing, as Alice tries to take all of the credit, while she didn't do much. The Harvest Goddess tells you to keep up the good work, and says that she will be here supporting you. She also says that if you need to talk to her, you just need to throw an offering into the spring, but not garbage. She also says that she has here own refined tastes, like everyone else in town. She tells you that people like certain things more than others. She also informs you that the Turnip that you threw in is one of her favorite things. Then Alice chimes in to take the credit for it.

The Harvest Goddess then says that she called you here today to ask something of you, she says that she can't explain it easily here and that they will go elsewhere to explain it more easily. She takes you, Alice, and Aaron to the Multiplayer Plaza, which appears to be a barn on a small hill. She says that there are two main things that you can do at the Multiplayer Plaza. She says that you can raise the animals that you bring here and exchange items with other players. (While breaking the 4th Wall) She then asks if you want to use Multiplayer Mode. I answered yes, then she said that she will now show you how to play in Multiplayer Mode. She says that first you need to choose Multiplayer Mode from the Main Menu. She says that if you want to go to there while farming you can save and then choose to return to the title screen. She then lets Aaron explain the details. Aaron says that whenever your friends are playing in Multiplayer Plaza, he'll be here, he also says that if you want to access your inventory or quit Multiplayer Mode you should come talk to him. He then asks you what you want to know about Multiplayer Mode. (I'll skip this since it is quite long) The Harvest Goddess then asks Alice and Aaron to take you back home. When you return home Alice tells you that you are lucky that they told you all that stuff and that you must keep working hard. Then Alice and Aaron leave.

Meet Tina


On the day after you place the Newspaper Carrier ['s house], when you wake up Dunhill comes into your house and tells you that a new resident has come to town. He also says that he has brought her here to introduce her to you. Then the new resident comes in and thanks you for building her home, she introduces herself to be Tina. She says that she is a journalist, and she moved to town because she thought that something is going to happen in Echo Village, and she says that usually she is right about those kinds of things. Dunhill says that Tina will now be delivering the newspapers, Tina says that delivering newspapers will give her a chance to research articles, and she will get paid for it. Then Dunhill and Tina say good-bye and leave. Then you says that you hope that you become good friends with Tina.

Fishing Rod

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On Summer 2, when you walk from the town to the River you run into Dunhill he gives you the Fishing Rod.