Harvest Moon 2 GBC is a farm simulation video game for the Game Boy Color developed by Victor Interactive Software, and the second portable game in the Harvest Moon series. The object of the game is to cultivate a farm to prevent the land from being used to build an amusement park. As with the previous game the player may choose to play as a boy or a girl.

There are several differences between this game and the previous installments on the Game Boy. Some major differences between Harvest Moon GB and Harvest Moon 2 GBC is that in 2 GBC one is able to build a sheep pen and buy sheep, build a greenhouse, and walk around the town.


The initial goal is that in three years time, the player must bring up the farm by growing and selling crops, and raising livestock. There are also plenty of secrets to unlock in the game. At the end of the first year, the mayor of the city comes back to the farm to check up on it. If he thinks that it's looking good, the player may continue the game for another couple years. If he thinks that the farm is short of success, a second chance is given to revitalize the farm.


Crops are a primary source of income in Harvest Moon 2 GBC. After being planted, the seeds must be watered every day until they can be harvested, when it is possible to sell them. Some plants that are harvested may produce more than a single batch of crops from the same plant system, allowing some crops to be harvested more than once. Crops may be grown in any of the four seasons. If you build a hothouse, it is also possible to grow flowers and herbs, regardless of season.


At the beginning of the game the option is given whether to have a dog or cat. The pets will slightly affect the gameplay. Pets have various abilities which make them beneficial to the farm. The dog will keep wild dogs or foxes away from your farm at night, and the cat sometimes bring seeds to your house. Pets must be left outside overnight to use their abilities. The player after a certain period of time is able to acquire a horse, which can be ridden, and used for farm work as well.

The livestock in this game includes cows, chickens, and sheep. Cows produce ten milks, chickens produce two eggs, and ten sheep produce ten wool.

Tools and Items

There is a wide variety of tools in Harvest Moon 2 GBC. Tools are used to carry out chores, care for livestock, and tend to crops.


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