The Harvest Moon series (called Bokujo Monogatari in Japan which translates to Farm Story) is a life simulation video game series based around farming. Most entries have the player be able to court one of a select group of characters to later wed. The series was created by Yasuhiro Wada.

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Series History

Three months after Pack-In-Video released the first game in Japan, Pack-In-Video merged with Victor Entertainment to form Victor Interactive Software. Victor Interactive Software would merge with Marvelous Entertainment six years later to form Marvelous Interactive. Marvelous AQL is the current owner of the franchise.

Natsume Inc. owns the "Harvest Moon" trademark in North America. As of 2014, Marvelous AQL terminated their publisher relationshop with Natsume and established a separate series of Harvest Moon games called Story of Seasons to be published by XSEED. Natsume continues to use the "Harvest Moon" brand starting with The Lost Valley, developed by their own development studio.

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Harvest Moon has inspired farming mechanics in other genres. It has also directly inspired Stardew Valley.