Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns is a farming/dating simulation game for the Nintendo DS.


Hundreds of years before the events of the game, the towns of Bluebell and Konohana were once friendly neighbor towns connected by a tunnel through a large hill. However, fierce arguments grew between which town's cooking was better than the other's. During one specific confrontation, the Harvest Goddess grew tired of the bickering and destroyed the tunnel, cutting off a majority of the town's contact. Centuries later the towns are still bitter rivals, only communicating during a weekly cooking festival.

The game begins with the player riding a horse up the mountain between the two towns. On the way, a fox jumps into the middle of the road, causing the player to swerve and fall down a cliff, knocking them unconscious. The player is later found on the ground by Rutger, the mayor of Bluebell, and Ina, the mayor of Konohana. When the player gets conscious again, they realize that they don't remember which town they lived in. Each mayor insists that the player lived in their respective town, but the decision is ultimately up to the player.

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