Harken​ is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade in service to house Pherae of Lycia. On a mission accompanying Lord Elbert, he becomes the last survivor of his knights after their infamous trip. After the Black Fang's attack on his group, he decides to take revenge on them by infiltrating their ranks and destroying them from within. His suicidal tendencies are only matched by his self-worth troubles coming from his blurry background and his love for his fiancée, the paladin Isadora, who he promised to marry once the war was over and he returned.


Watching Nergal wipe out the Pheraen Knights drove Harken to insanity because of his powerlessness, which in turn led him to forget his promise to Isadora, who would greatly resent this when they found each other again. However, Harken's former instructor, the paladin Marcus, helps him greatly to remember his duty to Pherae and ease his doubts about his worth as an ally, and he also becomes a guide and older brother figure for the young Lowen.

Harken's supports with Marcus also reveal that he already was a very troubled individual before joining the Pherae army. According to them, Harken served an unnamed lord who treated him very badly, and ultimately threw him out of his household. Due to this, Harken hides an already seriously damaged self-esteem, and greatly fears that he'll be questioned or hated if it's known that he served a cruel lord, which also explains why he lost it so badly upon not being able to aid a master who treated him kindly without caring about his shady past.

If he has an A support with Isadora, they renew their promise and get married; if he has one with Vaida, they develop some degree of understanding but leave each other.

You can recruit Harken in Chapter 25 of Eliwood's Story and in Chapter 27 in Hector's Story. If you defeat 1 or fewer magical promoted enemies before the 10th turn on Kenneth's map or open less than 4 doors before the 9th turn on Jerme's map. Harken can be recruited with a surprisingly large number of characters, and will join you if you make him talk with one of the following: Eliwood, Hector, Oswin, Lowen, Isadora or Marcus.

While Marcus and Eliwood are seen in the war with Bern, Harken makes no appearance at all. It is possible he settled down or that he went to war with Bern. If so, it is unknown if he survived.

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