Happy Happyism (or Happy Happy Cult) is a fictional religion in the video game EarthBound. Members of the organization are called either Happy Happyists or Happy Happy Cultists. The leader of the cult is Mr. Carpainter, and the main character Paula Polestar was going to have a major role in the cult as High Priestess (Goddess in the Japanese version) before the cult was disbanded. Porky Minch also helps Mr. Carpainter trying to stop Ness. In the Japanese version, he does this to gain a rank in the Happy Happyism, but in the American localization, he says he's already been given a role in the religion. The cult believes in the color blue as a way to speak to God, and is responsible for turning the Happy Happy Village entirely blue.

An Insane Cultist is a member who dresses in a similar way to a Ku Klux Klan member, with the "HH" symbol on its mask. The American localization removed the symbol and gave it a fluffly ball at the tip of their masks.

When Ness arrives, the cult has kidnapped Paula, and he is determined to rescue her. Once he defeats Mr. Carpainter, he realizes he had just been controlled by the Evil Mani Mani statue, and that the religion itself was a lie to trap Ness. The cult disbands once the people wake up from the statue's influence.

Their dresses are oddly designed like the KKK.

Enemies in the Happy Happy Cult


Insane Cultist

(+) Max HP: 94 - Max PP: 0 - Offense: 19 - Defense: 25 - Speed: 8 - Guts: 20 - Exp.: 353 - Money: $33 - 1/128 chance of getting a PSI Caramel


Mr. Carpainter

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