The Happy Happy Village is a small town in the SNES video game EarthBound. It is to the east of Twoson and can be reached by going through the Peaceful Rest Valley. When first visited, it is infested with Happy Happy Cultists.

Places of interest

The Happy Happy Village is rather small when compared to cities such as Onett and Twoson. As others, it has a drugstore and a hotel, along with many small houses. The only distinctive place is a church-like building at the middle of the village. This building served as the headquarters of the Happy Happyism.

Through the village, one can get to Mr. Carpainter's shack in Peaceful Rest Valley, where Paula Polestar is being held when first seen. At the east, there is a third path leading to Liliput Steps, the second "Your Sanctuary" location.

Happy Happy Cult

Main article: Happy Happyism

By the time Ness reaches Twoson, a strange cult is formed in Happy Happy Village. This religion is led by Mr. Carpainter, and they believe in the color blue as a path to God, and as a key to hearing God's messages. Those who didn't show enough attention to the color were enemies to the religion, and needed to be exterminated. It is then discovered Mr. Carpainter himself has no true belief of the cult, and is instead being given orders by the Evil Mani Mani statue. Once Ness defeats the leader, the Happy Happy Village is free from the cult, and becomes a regular village once again.

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