The Hanabi Festival is a festival where Nintendo release games on the virtual console for the Wii which include games that were not released over in Europe over a period of a month. The Hanabi Festival is named after the Japanese holiday season that is famous for its firework displays.

The first Hanabi Festival took place in September 2007 and games are released in a themes with. The first week was Mario week, the second was Ninja Week and the third was Sci-Fi Week.

In May 2008 the Hanabi Festival returned to Europe with the main focus on Turbografx and Sega Mega Drive Games.

22 August 2008 saw the third instalment of the Hanabi Festival. Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels a game that was made available for a limited time during the first festival was once again made available to download.

List of games

The following are a list of games that have been released during the Hanabi Festival.

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