Haitaka is a capturable boss character who appears in Fire Emblem Fates on the Conquest route. He is a General of Hoshido who is in charge of commanding a small band of Hoshidan army occupying Fort Dragonfall.


Haitaka is only encountered on the Conquest route, where he and a group of Hoshidans occupy Fort Dragonfall. His group has also captured Azura and plan to kill her, due to her origins in Nohr and Queen Mikoto's death which caused the majority of the Hoshidan population to look at her in suspicion.

Fortunately, Corrin's army notices his group as they pass through the fortress on their way to Notre Sagesse under Garon's orders, and free Azura from Haitaka's men. In the ensuing battle, Haitaka is defeated and either falls in battle or is captured and persuaded to fight alongside the Nohrian army.

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