HAL Laboratory, Inc. (JP)(CN) (often reffered to as HAL), formerly known as HALKEN, is a Japanese video game development team that is responsible for the Nintendo character Kirby. Founded in 1980, since the Famicom (NES), the developer has been responsible for the Kirby series across many Nintendo platforms.

Not only this but they designed the first Super Smash Bros. game that appeared on the Nintendo 64 and its very successful sequel, the GameCube title Super Smash Bros. Melee. They are also the developers of the BOXBOY! series.

It was created by a group of guys that just loved video games. One of those people were Satoru Iwata who was Nintendo's 4th president. In the present, they have also co-developed and been involved with many other games and have become a well established video game developer. In 2017, they established a mobile branch called HAL Egg.


Games Developed


HAL Laboratory has developed many classic games.

Nintendo Entertainment System

Famicom Disk System

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Boy

Nintendo 64

Game Boy Color

Nintendo GameCube

Game Boy Advance

Nintendo DS


Nintendo 3DS

Wii U

Nintendo Switch

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