The Gyrowing is an aircraft utilized in Star Fox Zero. It is designed for exploration and is not suited for combat.


The Gyrowing is a new slow-flying hovercraft ship that can deploy a tethered robot named Direct-i to hack into computer systems and fit into small places. While it is equipped with twin lasers, the lasers are ineffective against armored foes like Garudas. Its charge shot fires a homing missile like that of the Landmaster; while it is weaker than the Arwing's charged laser or the Landmaster's missiles, it is the only way to hurt armored foes without having to use the environment. It also cannot deploy Smart Bombs, but it can use Direct-i to pick up certain bombs off the ground and drop them on foes.

The Gyrowing is slower than the Arwing and cannot perform aerial maneuvers like barrel rolls, but as a helicopter, it can strafe, and hold position, allowing for ease of control, and opportunities to scan surroundings, and explore areas.

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