Guts Man G
Guts Man G is a remodeled Guts Man from Mega Man 7. Dr. Wily took the case that has Guts Man and remodeled the fake Guts Man.


Guts Man G will make the ceiling go down and a rock will drop, trying to hit Mega Man by hitting the rock. Guts Man G will also grab Mega Man where he's standing on.


Guts Man G would be difficult to beat without his weakness. When the ceiling goes down, a rock will drop and Guts Man G will push it and Mega Man must avoid it. Reflecting it does eight units of damage. Later, Guts Man will try to grab Mega Man. To stop this, Mega Man must use Slash Claw quickly. Guts Man G repeats the pattern again.


  • There are Guts Man G toys that move in Clown Man's stage.
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