The Guts-Dozer is a large tank boss in Mega Man 2.


The Guts-Dozer is a tank with the design of Guts Man, looking like a giant Guts Man and has caterpillar tracks instead of legs. A Neo Metall also exits from the opening of his chest. He has a pair of spikes.


Mega Man 2

The Guts-Dozer will begin to fire bullets and Neo Metalls come out of him. Mega Man must use Quick Boomerang or Atomic Fire. He must jump on the caterpillar tracks and hit the Dozer. Also, a bunch of Mets will come out of him and Mega Man must shoot him and avoid. He shouldn't jump as if a Met is out of him and must kill the Met and avoid the shots.


In the cartoon version of Mega Man in Mega Dreams, Guts Man wears spikes, like the Dozer in the Police Chief's dream.

The katakana on his body reads GASU, which translates the English word, Gas.

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