Guitar Hero Live is a reboot of the Guitar Hero series released on the Wii U in October 2015. Developed by DJ Hero's developer, FreeStyle Games, the game features brand new controllers that replace the 5 different colored buttons with two rows of 3 buttons with one row being black and the other being white. Instead of using characters models in an ingame stage, the game uses FMVs of various bands performing the songs.


The game is fairly similar to the previous entries in the series albeit with the new 2 rowed controller. The buttons are represented on screen with a 3-laned note highway. The notes will come down the highway being either black or white to correspond to which row it's played on. On lower difficulties it relies mostly on one row and on higher difficulty, it has more chords, requiring the use of both rows at the same time. Otherwise, the game works like earlier entries with the whammy bar for more points on held notes, hammer-on and pull-off notes that don't require strumming and open strumming that is represented with a long horizontal bar. Star Power returns as Hero Power and is earned the same way; playing sets of marked notes consecutively. The GH Live songs have vocal tracks to sing along with a connected microphone.

The single player (called GH Live) has been redone so that the player is in a first person perspective of the lead guitarist in a full-motion video of a cover band performing the track. The audience responds to player's performance with good response when playing well and the audience jeering the player when they perform poorly. The mode is broken-up into over a dozen sets with a set consisting of 3 to 5 songs along with video for the band's introduction, some band banter and final ovations. Each set has to be completed in order and once completed, the individual songs can be played outside of sets


On top of the single-player songs, additional songs are available through the Guitar Hero TV mode which players are given a choice of themed channels that runs songs on a rotating schedule like a radio station. Songs in this mode are played over the song's music video or concert footage of the band. The player can play any song that is currently being shown on the channels but, they also earn Play Tokens to play a certain song regardless of if it's playing currently.

In GHTV, based on the player's performance, players earn experience points and Coins with some other bonus. Experience points raise the player's rank which unlocks new player skins and unlocks Play tokens and other features of the mode. Coins are used to buy Hero Powers which can boost the player's performance and earn more. Players can also pay Hero Cash (the game's paid currency) to unlock songs on-demand. Alternatively, players can pay for the "Party Pass" which unlocks all the game's content for 24 hours.


The base game comes with 42 songs, but the game also features over 200 songs behind microtransactions in the GHTV mode, though some can be played for free. The base soundtrack is as follows:

Artists/Bands Songs Year
Girls Girls 2013
Arctic Monkeys R U Mine? 2012
Biffy Clyro Victory Over the Sun 2013
The Black Keys Gold on the Ceiling 2011
Blink-182 The Rock Show 2001
Bring Me the Horizon Shadow Moses 2013
Deap Vally Lies 2013
Elbow Grounds for Divorce 2008
Eminem Berzerk 2013
Fall Out Boy My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up) 2013
The Gaslight Anthem 45 2012
Good Charlotte The Anthem 2002
Green Day Nuclear Family 2012
Halestorm Love Bites (So Do I) 2012
Imagine Dragons Demons 2012
Jack White Lazaretto 2014
Kasabian Club Foot 2004
Katy Perry Waking Up in Vegas 2009
The Killers When You Were Young 2006
Linkin Park Wastelands 2014
The Lumineers Ho Hey 2012
Mumford & Sons I Will Wait 2012
Neon Trees Everybody Talks 2011
Of Mice & Men Bones Exposed 2014
Of Monsters and Men Mountain Sound 2011
OneRepublic Counting Stars 2013
Paramore Now 2012
Pierce the Veil King for a Day (feat. Kellin Quinn) 2012
Queen Tie Your Mother Down 1976
Rihanna California King Bed 2010
Rise Against Tragedy + Time 2014
Rival Sons Keep on Swinging 2012
The Rolling Stones Paint it Black 1966
Royal Blood Little Monster 2014
Skrillex Bangarang 2011
Soundgarden Been Away Too Long 2012
Thirty Seconds to Mars The Kill 2005
The Who Won't Get Fooled Again 1970
Wolfmother (formerly known as "White Feather") Sundial 2009
You Me at Six Lived a Lie 2013


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