List of ground-type Pokémon

Pokémon Type Information
PKMN027.png Sandshrew GroundGround
PKMN028.png Sandslash GroundGround
PKMN031.png Nidoqueen PoisonPoisonGroundGround
PKMN034.png Nidoking PoisonPoisonGroundGround
PKMN050.png Diglett GroundGround
PKMN051.png Dugtrio GroundGround
PKMN074.png Geodude RockRockGroundGround
PKMN075.png Graveler RockRockGroundGround
PKMN076.png Golem RockRockGroundGround
PKMN095.png Onix RockRockGroundGround
PKMN104.png Cubone GroundGround
PKMN105.png Marowak GroundGround
PKMN111.png Rhyhorn GroundGroundRockRock
PKMN112.png Rhydon GroundGroundRockRock
PKMN194.png Wooper WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN195.png Quagsire WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN207.png Gligar GroundGroundFlyingFlying
PKMN208.png Steelix SteelSteelGroundGround
PKMN220.png Swinub IceIceGroundGround
PKMN221.png Piloswine IceIceGroundGround
PKMN231.png Phanpy GroundGround
PKMN232.png Donphan GroundGround
PKMN246.png Larvitar RockRockGroundGround
PKMN247.png Pupitar RockRockGroundGround
PKMN259.png Marshtomp WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN260.png Swampert WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN290.png Nincada BugBugGroundGround
PKMN322.png Numel FireFireGroundGround
PKMN323.png Camerupt FireFireGroundGround
PKMN328.png Trapinch GroundGround
PKMN329.png Vibrava GroundGroundDragonDragon
PKMN330.png Flygon GroundGroundDragonDragon
PKMN339.png Barboach WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN340.png Whiscash WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN343.png Baltoy GroundGroundPsychicPsychic
PKMN344.png Claydol GroundGroundPsychicPsychic
PKMN383.png Groudon GroundGround
PKMN389.png Torterra GrassGrassGroundGround
PKMN423.png Gastrodon WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN443.png Gible DragonDragonGroundGround
PKMN444.png Gabite DragonDragonGroundGround
PKMN445.png Garchomp DragonDragonGroundGround
PKMN449.png Hippopotas GroundGround
PKMN450.png Hippowdon GroundGround
PKMN464.png Rhyperior GroundGroundRockRock
PKMN473.png Mamoswine IceIceGroundGround
PKMN472.png Gliscor GroundGroundFlyingFlying
PKMN529.png Drilbur GroundGround
PKMN530.png Excadrill GroundGroundSteelSteel
PKMN536.png Palpitoad WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN537.png Seismitoad WaterWaterGroundGround
PKMN551.png Sandile GroundGroundDarkDark
PKMN552.png Krokorok GroundGroundDarkDark
PKMN553.png Krookodile GroundGroundDarkDark
PKMN618.png Stunfisk GroundGroundElectricElectric
PKMN622.png Golett GroundGroundGhostGhost
PKMN623.png Golurk GroundGroundGhostGhost
PKMN645.png Landorus GroundGroundFlyingFlying
PKMNXY660.png Diggersby NormalNormalGroundGround
PKMNXY718.png Zygarde DragonDragonGroundGround
PKMNSM749.png Mudbray GroundGround
PKMNSM750.png Mudsdale GroundGround
PKMNSM769.png Sandygast GhostGhostGroundGround
PKMNSM770.png Palossand GhostGhostGroundGround
PKMNSS843.png Silicobra GroundGround
PKMNSS844.png Sandaconda GroundGround
PKMNSS867.png Runerigus GroundGroundGhostGhost

Alternate Forms

Pokémon Type Information
PKMNSM050-A.png Diglett GroundGroundSteelSteel
PKMNSM051-A.png Dugtrio
Alola Form
PKMN208-M.png Mega Steelix SteelSteelGroundGround
PKMN260-M.png Mega Swampert WaterWaterGroundGround
120px Mega Camerupt FireFireGroundGround
120px Primal Groudon GroundGroundFireFire
PKMN413-G.png Wormadam
Sandy Cloak
PKMN445-M.png Mega Garchomp DragonDragonGroundGround
120px ArceusEarth Plate GroundGround
PKMNSS562-G.png Yamask
Galar form
PKMNSS618-G.png Stunfisk
Galar form
PKMN645-T.png Landorus
Therian Forme
PKMNSM718-10.png Zygarde
10% Forme
PKMNSM718-C.png Zygarde
Complete Forme
File:PKMNSM773-Ground.png SilvallyGround Memory GroundGround

List of ground-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Sand Attack StatusStatus Cute 15 100% First
Earthquake PhysicalPhysical Tough 10 100 100% First
Fissure PhysicalPhysical Tough 5 OHKO First
Dig PhysicalPhysical Tough 10 80 100% First
Bone Club PhysicalPhysical Tough 20 65 85% First
Bonemerang PhysicalPhysical Tough 10 50 90% First
Mud-Slap SpecialSpecial Cute 10 20 100% Second
Spikes StatusStatus Clever 20 Second
Bone Rush PhysicalPhysical Tough 10 25 90% Second
Magnitude PhysicalPhysical Tough 30 Varies 100% Second
Mud Sport StatusStatus Cute 15 100% Third
Sand Tomb PhysicalPhysical Clever 15 35 85% Third
Mud Shot SpecialSpecial Tough 15 55 95% Third
Earth Power SpecialSpecial Beautiful 10 90 100% Fourth
Mud Bomb SpecialSpecial Cute 10 65 85% Fourth
Bulldoze PhysicalPhysical Tough 20 60 100% Fifth
Drill Run PhysicalPhysical Tough 10 80 95% Fifth
Land's Wrath PhysicalPhysical Beautiful 10 90 100% Sixth
Precipice Blades PhysicalPhysical Cool 10 120 85% Sixth
Rototiller StatusStatus Tough 10 Sixth
Thousand Arrows PhysicalPhysical Beautiful 10 90 100% Sixth*
Thousand Waves PhysicalPhysical Tough 10 90 100% Sixth*
High Horsepower PhysicalPhysical ??? 10 95 95% Seventh
Shore Up StatusStatus ??? 10 Seventh
Stomping Tantrum PhysicalPhysical ??? 10 75 100% Seventh

Z-Moves & Max Moves

  • Tectonic Rage (Groundium Z)
  • Max Quake
  • G-Max Sandblast (Sandaconda)
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