Grit ​is a Commanding Officer enlisted in the Blue Moon army. An expert in long-range combat, Grit's indirect units boast increased firepower and range. He is a laid-back fellow who works well with his fellow Blue Moon CO Olaf.


Grit is shown to beextremely calm, always slacking off and napping in the middle of work. However, unlike most other COs believe, Grit is much smarter than he looks. He, alongside Sonja, is one of the first to notice something's not right in Advance Wars. In Advance Wars 2, when talking to Colin, he explains that being relaxed and careless aren't the same thing, as being too anxious can result in making a mistake, which is probably why he always sports a calm atitude. Although he is a CO, Grit is shown to not really care about countries or wars, and doesn't really care what country he serves. However, when talking to Adder in Advance Wars 2, he states that Adder is his number 1 enemy because of the way he treats the people, showing he cares more for the common man than he does anything else.

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