Grippy Toad is the uncle of Slippy Toad and Beltino Toad's brother. Grippy is the president of Corneria Precious Metals Ltd., a deep space mining company in charge of mining facilities in search for rare metals in space. Though, during this search, he comes across the trouble of being attacked by enemies.


Due to the great family resemblance, Grippy looks almost exactly like his brother Beltino, such as shared facial hair and need for glasses, although Grippy wears a full head of black hair, as opposed to Beltino who is bald-headed. Grippy wears small, round spectacles, whereas Beltino wears large square glasses. Grippy's skin tone is orange in contrast to Beltino and Slippy, though Grippy does share this skin tone with Slippy's son in Star Fox Command. Grippy's dress sentence is highly elaborate as he wears a white boiler suit with gold trimmings, red necktie and elaborate jewelled rings and gold timepiece chains, hinting his business is very profitable or made him wealthy. Like his nephew, he wears black fingerless gloves with fancy gold trimmings and like other characters, Grippy wears a space headband with a microphone for communications, which he uses to speak to characters on the CPM Communications Channel.

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