Green slime

Green Slimes are enemies from the Secret Quest of Find Mii II. They only have 3 HP, making them the weakest enemy in the series. Magic can be used while fighting one, but red, blue, and purple magic are completely useless, as they are immune to them. In addition, unlike every other slime, Green Slimes are immune to yellow magic. Green Slimes are very evasive, and able to avoid sword attacks real easily. However, light blue and light green magic will lower the evasion capabilities of the Green Slime significantly, the former of which freezes enemies, and the latter of which makes them fall asleep. However, it is still possible to miss.


Health Abilities
Green slime 3 Has a very high dodge rate, immune to all offensive magic (red, fire; blue, water; purple, poison; yellow, sandstorm)
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