Green Hole is one of the challenge stages in Pikmin 2. Olimar starts with ten red, ten blue, and ten yellow Pikmin. There are also twenty Bulbmin, Olimar has to defeat their parents and use the whistle on them. They join Olimar for the rest of the cave, in Story Mode, Bulbmin can't go above ground, only under. The first floor has the two Bulbmin parents, twenty baby Bulbmins, treasures, and lots of eggs, so Olimar's Pikmin can have flowers. The second floor has lots of Bulborbs, including fire, Olimar needs his red Pikmin and Bulbmin to defeat it. Olimar starts out with one bitter and one sour spray in this stage. His Pikmin, and Bulbmin needs to hit the geyser to get it started. In order for Olimar to activate the next floor, he must find the key, Olimar must carry it to the ship, then it will make a hole or a geyser.

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